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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

November 29 marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This important commemoration was started 44 years ago in 1977 by the United Nations. The specific date was chosen by the United Nations General Assembly as an annual observance of the ‘Partition Plan’ which was presented on November 29, 1947. The International Day of Solidarity provides the international community with an opportunity to showcase their support for Palestinians, who continue to fight for their human rights to this day. This is especially significant this year, as the crisis in Palestine continues to worsen, as witnessed by the heartbreaking events that took place earlier this year in May 2021. 


Over 700,000 Palestinians were displaced or exiled from their homes when the state of Israel was formed. Since the Nakba (catastrophe), the Palestinian people have demanded the right to self-determination, the right to national independence, and the right to return to their homes. Unfortunately, the situation remains dire with little to no improvement as those living in Palestine continue to face violent apartheid and settler colonialism. This ongoing battle is directly affecting families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem, where ethnic cleansing is a persisting threat. This day is meant to shed light on the injustice faced in Palestine and show the Palestinian people that they have not been forgotten. 

How you can show your solidarity 

Here are 5 things you can do to show solidarity with Palestinians on this day. 

1. Contact political representatives and urge them to stand with Palestinians

A way to directly create change is through international pressure on the occupation, so urge those in power to show their solidarity with Palestinians. Contact your local politicians to educate them on the injustice taking place and ask them to condemn Israel’s ongoing human rights abuses.

2. Uplift Palestinian voices by spreading awareness through social media posts

There are many powerful Palestine activists, such as Muna El Kurd, who report updates directly from within Palestine. We must continue to support these independent journalists on the frontlines by reposting and amplifying their words. 

3. Wear your keffiyeh as it represented solidarity, resistance and liberation

Through the keffiyeh, you can wear your solidarity as it has been a symbol of Palestinian resistance for decades. Whether you decide on wearing the traditional scarf or pieces that incorporate the keffiyeh print throughout, it’s a bold statement of solidarity that you can have every day. 

4. Educate others on the history of the occupation of Palestine

Unfortunately, not everyone knows what’s happening in Palestine and this day can be used as an opportunity to teach those who do not. Through having these conversations about Palestine and the occupation, more awareness and solidarity can be built to inturn strengthen the Palestinian cause.

5. Donate to charities assisting those most in need

Many families continue to struggle with food scarcity, homelessness, and unemployment, due to the brutal occupation and ethnic cleansing. Give back and support Palestinians in need through donations.

If you're looking for charities to donate to here are 5 charities that we’ve worked with previously: 

- Human International Concern 

- Palestine Children Relief Fund 

- Islamic Relief



 Check out our Karam by Kuvrd program to see our latest initiatives.

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