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Introducing ourselves

Our Story

Because at KUVRD we know that representation does indeed matter, we created Arab heritage designs in contemporary pieces. Our pieces not only encourage your unique expression, but they’re also a gift that keeps on giving. KUVRD’s products support refugee camps through providing meals and creating jobs.We are rooted in creativity and community growth. Being a part of our KUVRD community means wearing compassion on your sleeve. Literally.

So, join us and support our mission.

Wear KUVRD. Be disKUVRD.

What keeps us moving.

Our Movement

We design outspoken pieces which speak to the uniqueness of the Middle Eastern identity, and give back to the community. KUVRD combines fashion with purpose; we look into the finest details of the hopeful message and pride sentiment which we aim to send across. While appreciating Arab heritage, we want all our communities in refugee camps in the Middle East to know we are holding the beauty of our identity close to heart. That we are thinking of them even if we are miles away, because we believe that renewing hope and making sure people know we care, is an integral part of our journey.

We All Stand For Something

Our Values

Giving back with KUVRD

Karam by KUVRD

We are proud to share with our communities support, we have been donating parts of our profits to various funds and foundations since our inception in 2018. We make it a point to show that what we provide is more than just the material value; it’s a message of support to those in need because they deserve to know that they are not alone. Our support comes essentially in the form of sharing profits, meal distributions, and helping those most in need.

Current initiative

Feeding Refugees

Current Distribution Location: Camps of Gaza

Karam by KUVRD meal distribution is more than just giving nutritious meals to those in need - it allows families to thrive in their environment, and live healthy lives. We have proudly partnered with IDRF - who have a dedicated team on the ground providing food vouchers to families in need.

The partnership between KUVRD and IDRF is part of a convergence happening in the field of international development and humanitarian aid. The International Development and Relief Foundation is a Canadian based charity that provides effective humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs, without discrimination, based on the principles of human dignity, self-reliance, and social justice. Since 1984, IDRF has implemented relief and development projects, across 25+ countries. IDRF has helped over 840 000+ people over the last year tackling Food Assistance, Economic Development, Health, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.