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email: subject line "KUVRD Affiliate" and answer the following:

a) Why do you want to join our brand ambassador program?
b) Where are you based? (Country) 
c) What platform(s) and to who (audience) are you going to be speaking about the brand, sharing your affiliate link / discount code?
d) At least one reference link showing us who you are or what you do (ex. one of these work: Instagram account, website,
 Youtube link, or twitter account).

We would love to get to know you with all the above questions before approving you as a KUVRD affiliate.



Only approved affiliates will be sent a link to register.

KUVRD Inc. has the right to terminate any candidate in the program for any reason, and will send an email to notify in advance. If we find out that the affiliate is engaging in any of the acts such as coupon websites, spamming, a non-completion in their profile KUVRD Inc. has the right to also not complete the affiliate payments and terminating the affiliate.Our terms policy can be changed frequently. All joined affiliates agree to these terms and conditions.

Who do you approve?

All affiliates must have in their records the above questions answered in our "how to apply" instructions and account could be terminated if not full information/ transparency is present from the affiliate. This is purely for individuals who want to become part of our community and speak about our brand to their own community with their own personal touch and to represent our values. Once sent the sign up link we require you to fill up all required information to compete your profile.

What is this affiliate program about?

A: Each approved ambassador obtains a discount code and link for their audience and a referral link for their audience. For each successful purchase from the ambassador's own referral through link or discount code, the ambassador gets a 10% referral commission fee.

What are other benefits of this program?

Affiliates will obtain a 25% off special discount to shop on our website - an exclusive and special ambassador discount code.

Terms and Conditions

For each successful sale made from your affiliate link, 10% of the purchase amount will be credited to your account. There is no cap on the commission you can earn. Commission is calculated on final sale price only; excluding shipping and excluding any discount code used by the customer.

Example: An item cost $55 and $9 for shipping. Customer has a discount code of $5 off. The commission earning will then be 10% of $50 ($50 sale price - $5 discount, shipping is not included), which is a $5 commission.

Tracking & Transparency:
Each affiliate can track the number of views/sales generated from his/her unique link through our Affiliate platform. Views can only be seen through the affiliate's unique link. Sales will be seen if referral uses either code or link. In order to track properly, make sure your referral uses your unique affiliate link or unique discount code.

Cookie period validity:
Our cookie is valid for 30 days! This means that after clicking the referral link, a purchase needs to be confirmed in the next 30 days. The customer does not have to click on the original affiliate link as long as 30 days have not passed, the sale will still be registered under the affiliate.  If 30 days has passed and no purchase is made, the cookie will expire and only a new click from the affiliate link will reactivate the cookie for another 30 days.

You don't need to do anything to receive payments after you sign up, except for having a PayPal account and add when signing up your correct PayPal account email.

You will have to sign one of the two accounts:

1) USA & International account (Currency: USD)

2) Canada's account (Currency: CAD)

We require a Paypal account from all affiliates. Each account must reach $20 in its currency in order to receive the payment/ be paid. In case your balance is less than $20 and you still wish to withdraw your balance, we will then charge a processing fee of $3/ account from the currency of the account you want to withdraw from.

Payment frequency:
We process payments that reached the minimum commission withdrawal amount in the first week of every month. Upon approval your balance will be instantly available in you Paypal account.

VIP Affiliates:
From time to time, bonuses and free items would be given to our VIP affiliates. Our best performing affiliates are considered VIP when they have reached at least 20 paid orders. Such an event will be notified to you through email as well as the corresponding terms and conditions.

If we re-assess our affiliates list and decide to terminate an affiliate, the affiliate will be notified. We will also give a reason to the affiliate, but we have the right to terminate any individual without any reason. We will make sure that the affiliate has the monthly payment settled for their commission before termination.

Affiliate On Boarding:
- Each approved affiliate will receive a unique link to share as well as an access to the affiliate dashboard. Affiliates can track how many times their link has been viewed or how many sales were made.
- Make sure our emails ( is in your whitelist to avoid important information being buried in your junk email folder.
- If you have any questions please contact us:

Sharing your links/ codes ideas:
- Send your links to your email contact list. Friends and family are usually the easies leads you can get, but please do not spam! 
- Share your affiliate link on social media, make sure the link includes the affiliate code so we can track your performance.
- Besides of plainly sharing links, post pictures of individual products as well as an appealing caption. Again, don't forget to include your affiliate code in the link
- Post on relevant message boards

NOT to do: 

- Please do NOT submit your discount codes to coupon websites. The referral must come from your own sharing of the brand, and not by leaving the discount code on coupon websites. In the case we find your code on coupon websites, we will have to change the code or contact the website to take it down.


Can I use my own affiliate link for a personal purchase so that I can get 10% cashback for myself?

A: No, personal purchases do not count for commission. But good news- each approved affiliate/ ambassador can get 25% off the entire store!

Will I get free products?

A: We send gifts occasionally to our VIP ambassadors. To become VIP you have to reach at least 20 paid orders from your link or code. 

How can I promote my affiliate link?

A: You can tell your own community in events or use social media like Facebook/ YouTube/ Twitter/ Pinterest/ Instagram/ Snapchat etc. We do not restrict how affiliate promote their links, as long as it is legal and as long as it is not on coupon websites! Just make sure to share the proper affiliate link, this is the only way we can track your traffic. 

Affiliate link example:

Questions? Please email