Community based Projects

Supporting Palestine

We have partnered with Human Concern International to support 3 community- based programs that support Education, Zero Hunger and Malnutrition, and Emergency Relief. 8% of every purchase you make contributes to a project of your choice upon checking out.

Support Visually impaired students 

Education Program

Support an educational program aimed at benefiting visually impaired students residing in Gaza. As part of this initiative, highly specialised Braille typewriters and paper will be procured, enabling students to learn how to write and read using these devices.

This will enhance students learning opportunities, foster independence and empowerment, and expand their educational prospects. Additionally, the program promotes social inclusion, breaking down barriers and stigmas associated with visual impairment. This program will transform the lives of visually impaired students, empowering them to thrive academically.

Food Distribution and Skills Training

Zero Hunger and Malnutrition

Support the food security crisis amongst the community of Gaza via the distribution of vouchers to the most vulnerable households in the Gaza Strip. These vouchers allow recipients to purchase essential food items such as rice, flour, oil, vegetables, milk, eggs, and more. Additionally, HCI provides skills training to members of the families, keeping in mind that the families consisting of elderly, disabled, and child-headed households that are unable to participate in vocational training. Instead, they are empowered by receiving voucher-based food assistance to help them cover their monthly nutritional needs. The training program has been focusing on different areas such as smartphone repair, solar power installation, tailoring, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Providing essential necessities and urgent healthcare

Emergency Relief

When an emergency happens, HCI is actively providing the affected communities in Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank through the provision of life saving medicines, equipment, health facilities cost, food aid, renovations, and rental assistance, while supporting education by upgrading schools, improving water systems. Through your purchase transform lives, by supporting immediate needs and empowering individuals and families to improve their livelihoods and quality of life. 

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