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Mawasi Badu Mask

Mawasi Badu Mask

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Protect yourself in style with our bedouin face mask, inspired by the Mawasi tribe - a bedouin Palestinian town located on the central Gaza strip coast. This 3-layer mask features a filter insert and adjustable silicon elastic piece for extra protection and comfort - regardless of how long you wear it for!  


By purchasing this item you are providing sustainable employment to refugees in Jordan.

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Key Features

  • 3-layers mask
  • One size-adjustable silicon elastic
  • Filter insert pouch [3.15'' by 4.8'']
  • Hand Washable, Soft, Breathable
  • Fabric Content: 80% Cotton 15% Polyester 5% Elastic 
  • Made locally in Irbid, Jordan supporting the local economy.

Care Instructions

  • Wash after every use
  • Hand wash
  • Warm wash
  • Air dry


9" by 5" 

Mask Disclaimer

Non-medical masks are not direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks*

 All Masks are Final Sale*

Customer Reviews

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mysterio baba
Mawasi Badu Mask

love this pattern!! the fit is perfect too. all the masks should be this size!

mysterio baba

this is one of my favorite kufiyah mask patterns that kuvrd makes. this is my second time purchasing this pattern. my baba wore a kufiyah with this pattern. when I wear it, I feel like I’m honoring him and my ancestors.

Ahmad Abuzaid
Amazing Keffiehs ( Red & Black)

I bought their Nashmi Keffiyehs last year when I was visiting one of the local amazing shops in Toronto. Sadly, that shop closed. This is my second order. Amazing quality that represent the indigenous Jordanian & Palestinian Cultures. Love your products. All the best to you. You have a life time customer.

Snowbur Bakhat
All masked up.

I purchased this face mask as i knew that the pandemic is very much ongoing and i needed something that made a statement and what more than this watan keffiyeh mask.

James Y
Pleased with the product overall

I bought one some time ago, lost it maybe two months later, and bought another one. The product appeared to be better the second time around, it seems bigger and the keffiyeh cloth was more solidly sewn to the mask than the last time. Overall it looks very stylish and the quality is solid. The only thing is it is noticeably warmer and harder to breathe than medical masks, so not recommended for wear during warmer weather or extended periods of time (e.g. travel). Also, pickup/delivery options are limited.