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Karam by KUVRD community update

At KUVRD giving back to marginalized communities is rooted in everything we do. Since 2018, we have collaborated with charitable organizations to help us with directly assisting communities most in need through food distributions, medical care, and employment opportunities. In 2020, with the support of our community we donated a total of 19,500 meals and in 2021, we’re up to 65,236 meals and counting, with our new initiative.

Updated Charity Initiative  

Our past donation efforts were through the form of food baskets made up of set food items, which were well received by communities. With food baskets, there are fixed amounts of the food choices, meaning some families may not receive all the items they need. Due to this, we want to provide the receiving families in need with more flexibility and even better choices through food vouchers. By offering food vouchers as opposed to food baskets, we will be giving Refugees their own independent options to purchase what they desire and need the most. Through this, we are able to empower them and boost their self-esteem simultaneously. The IDRF will be working on the ground in the Middle East to directly supply and assist in the donation. Currently every KUVRD purchase will go towards our Karam by KUVRD program supporting families through food needs, every $10 spent on our website will result in 1 meal donated in the form of food vouchers.  

IDRF Partnership

We are excited to share with you the newest organization we will be working with to continue our giving back and make it even more impactful - IDRF. The International Development and Relief Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to providing marginalized communities with humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs. Since 1984, IDRF has implemented relief and development projects, across 25+ countries. IDRF has helped over 840 000+ people tackling Food Assistance, Economic Development, Health, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Current Location

We will directly be focusing on assisting communities in Gaza, Palestine. The humanitarian crisis in the region continues to worsen as the unemployment rate has been the highest in the world at 43.9% in 2014. Many families face food insecurity and do not have access to adequate food or water. Our goal is to impactfully assist as many people as possible, and with your support, we can do just that. We have been able to allocate help to a total of 133 families for our most recent donation taking place this November 2021, and the IDRF will help us provide approximately 800 people with food for 1 month. 

We’d like to acknowledge and appreciate your role in all of this. Thanks to supporters like you, we are able to give back and truly make an impact. We hope to continue growing our initiatives as well as expand them to create an even bigger impact in different ways. ​​

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