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What’s happening in the world & how you can help

Our hearts are with all the countries who are currently struggling. Below you will better understand whats happening in the world & how you can help.


Lebanon is currently facing a devastating financial & economic collapse. Due to the current government, there is limited access to medicine, fuel & food. The rising inflation has left many struggling to make ends meet. Last week, Lebanon's two biggest power stations, which together provide about 40% of the country's electricity. The shortages have been very overwhelming, especially to workers in the healthcare field. With a new surge in coronavirus cases, Lebanon's hospitals are at a breaking point leaving medical staff exhausted as most air conditioners have been turned off to save on fuel. Medics also scramble to find alternatives to saline solutions after the hospital ran out. The majority of the population is struggling to make ends meet even while juggling multiple jobs, for those who still have theirs.


Afghanistan now faces a political crisis as the Taliban has taken over following the U.S. leaving the country after 20 years. Many Afghans are protesting or fleeing for their lives as they remember how horrid life was, especially for women, when the Taliban was in charge last. The international community has offered help, with Canada pledging to take in 20,000 Afghan refugees and other neighbouring countries doing similar. 


The people of Palestine continue to face oppression, apartheid & ethnic cleansing. Home demolition orders continue to take place, with many Palestinians unfortunately becoming homeless. Towns such as Beita, Sheikh Jarrah, & Silwan are all currently being threatened to be ethnically cleansed and the Palestinian residents of these towns are constantly living in fear. This past weekend, Israel has returned to its bombing and violence in Gaza, destroying homes and leaving many protestors injured, including a 13 year old boy who was shot in the head by an IOF soldier. 



The small country of Haiti unfortunately continues to be the victim of natural disasters,  especially earthquakes. The most recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake has left more than 2,000 people dead and over 10,000 injured. This devastating crisis has also destroyed entire towns & homes, making many homeless and/or displaced.



Yemen faces the largest humanitarian crisis in the entire world, with over 20 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The Yemeni people have struggled under an ongoing war that has lasted year with no end in sight & thousands have unfortunately lost their lives. The United Nations has reported that 16.2 million people there are extremely short of food & that 2.3 million children under the age of 5 will suffer malnutrition just this year alone.

How you can help:

Spread accurate & important awareness about this situation so others can learn & be aware. Amplify the voices of people from those countries, especially those on the ground in experiencing everything first-hand. Donating to reputable charities is also another important thing one can do to help the humanitarian crisis causing suffering onto the citizens. 

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