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Sitti’s Bundle: Vest + 3 soap gift set bundle

Sitti’s Bundle: Vest + 3 soap gift set bundle

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Gift this one of a kind keffiyeh vest along with Sitti’s 3 soap gift-set to your loved ones. A meaningful gift with impact. Each bundle feeds a refugee in need.

Sitti 3-soap Gift Set

Ingredients. 100% pure Jordanian Olive Oil, Water (aqua), Sodium Hydroxide. Loofah Plant (luffa).

*No artificial fragrances or perfumes.

Three small Sitti Soap bars nestled inside our signature handmade "Sitti" gift box. Each box includes two original Sitti Soap bars, and one loofah Sitti Soap bar. Each soap set provides 4 hours of employment to refugee women with every purchase.

Helpful tip: Why not reuse your box to give something shiny or slender to the one you love? These boxes are handcrafted in Jordan to withstand a recycled life.


  • Inspired by Palestine
  • Eco-friendly fabric & moisture absorbent 
  • Tasselled Edge
  • Perfect for warmer months 

Vest Care:

  • Hand wash
  • Cold wash
  • Air dry
  • Handle with care

One Size -41" by 41"

100% Organic Cotton


Sitti’s natural Olive oil Soap products are all handmade by refugee women in Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan. KUVRD’s products support refugees in the middle east,  fabric sourced from the middle east and are handcrafted in both Jordan and Canada to support local economies.