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What Makes Our Fabric So Special?

KUVRD has one main priority.

Embracing the Middle Eastern heritage.

Our high quality fabric comes directly from the first operating Keffiyeh factory in Amman, Jordan.

The Keffiyeh print was once used to keep the sun out of the eyes and dirt off the face. However, KUVRD has redefined the print to cater for the western society, yet still celebrate its Middle Eastern roots.

Our upcoming additions to the Keffiyeh collection will include Keffiyeh vests made from organic cotton. Fabrics made from organic cotton helps sustain the environment as organic crops aren't treated with harmful toxins like pesticides. 

Using eco-friendly material is vital for the environment as conventional materials contain toxins which drain into water bodies, destroying the organisms that thrive in them.

In fact, fabrics which are environmental friendly last much longer. This in turn reduces waste pile-up generated from the disposal of damaged clothing.

However, the vests aren't the only eco-friendly products in the Keffiyeh collection. The Keffiyeh T-Shirts are also environmental friendly as they are made from the well-known bamboo fabric.

The environmental-friendly bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable and known for its comfort and luxurious feel. Some benefits include hypoallergenic quality, UV protection, and breathable nature.

The light-weight and eco-friendly nature as well its cultural significance, is what makes our fabric so special!

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  • Will you be coming out with more kaffyeia style clothing selections?


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