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Cities you need to visit in Jordan

Jordan is one of the many beautiful countries in the Middle East with countless cities offering beautiful views and experiences. We’ve rounded up 5 Jordanian cities and created a little travel guide with insight on each one incase you ever want to visit, and you will by the end of this post! Jordan is a breathtaking location known for being both humid and historical, from it’s busy capital of Amman all the way to the ancient Petra city.

1. Amman 

Starting off with probably the most famous Jordanian city - Amman. It is one busy region with a perfect mix of modern and historical sites to see. Two of its most famous historical attractions are the Citadel and the Roman Theater, pictured below. These spots were built thousands of years ago and still stand today as a great way to explore ancient history. Another great site to visit in Amman is the King Abdullah I Mosque which is a beautiful blue colour and is big enough to house 7,000 worshipers. It was built in 1989 as a memorial to King Hussein’s grandfather, and is open to non-Muslim visitors outside of prayer times. Lastly, a much more modern site to visit is the Boulevard which is a trendy spot filled with premium shops, cafes and skyscrapers.

2. Jerash

A little north of Amman you will find the city of Jerash, another great historical site with epic Roman ruins. In ancient times, Jerash was a very well-known and wealthy city in the Middle East and is estimated to be discovered by humans between 7500-5500 BCE. There you will find the Arch of Adrian, the Temple of Artemis and the oval forum, all of which date back thousands of years ago as well. Jerash is one of those cities that transport you to a whole different century, or millennium to be exact! 

 3. The Dead Sea

If you go a bit south of both Jerash and Amman, you will find the famous Dead Sea which also borders Palestine. The Dead Sea gets its name from the fact that it is quite literally dead and houses no fish, due to the high amounts of salt. However for tourists, this provides a unique swimming experience as the salt levels make everyone float which makes it perfect even for those who don’t know how to swim! The Dead Sea is one of the top Jordan tourist attractions as it features exquisite resorts along the water and relaxing spas with healing mud masks. 

4. Petra

Another very well-known tourist attraction is the ancient city of Petra filled with majestic valleys and canyons. It’s beautiful red rock colours make for some of the most Insta-worthy pictures. If you do choose to visit Petra, you should definitely hire a tour guide to highlight all of the lengthy history hidden in the Lost City. You can even go on a fun camel ride through the sandy desert if you get tired from all the walking whilst exploring! 

5. Wadi Rum

The last tourist site you need to visit is in one of the most southern parts of Jordan; the Wadi Rum region. This scenic desert is about 4 hours away from Amman, but it is definitely worth the roadtrip. You will feel as if you stepped foot into the Aladdin movie, with sand dunes as far as you can see. Rent out an ATV or Jeep truck and feel the wind as you ride through the endless hills to cool off from the heat. Complete your Jordan experience by staying in a traditional bedouin camp or a glass bubble looking out onto the starry night.

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