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10 Arab Dishes to Make this Ramadan

Warning: This might make you really hungry!

This blog post will present 10 different Middle Eastern dishes that are delicious year-round but especially during Ramadan! These are just some of the most well-known Arab main courses and appetizers, however the list of tasty meals available are endless. Each dish has a recipe linked to it so you can try it yourself. Enjoy and Ramadan Kareem! 

Malfouf and Waraa Einab 

We decided to pair these together as they have similar fillings and are both drizzled with lemon! Whether you stuff grape leaves or cabbage leaves, both are a healthy and tasty option for your main dish this Ramadan. Stuffed grape leaves can either be served cold or hot and go by many names, including dolma, dawali, yebra, waraa einab and the list goes on! This is because the origins of this dish are scattered but are traced back to the Mediterranean region. Check out Zaatar and Zaytoun's blog for a Malfouf recipe and Feel Good Foodie's for a stuffed grape leaves one!


 The Tabouleh salad is well known in the Middle East for its rich, zangy and delicious flavours! It originated in Lebanon & Syria, however is now a loved appetizer internationally! Click here to check out Feel Good Foodie's recipe! 


The famous dish of Palestine, which literally translates to “upside down”. This savory food has become a prominent dish in many Arab countries and there are quite a few different variations on the vegetables used in it. Whether it’s eggplants, cauliflowers, carrots, potatoes or even tomatoes that are being used, one thing that is for certain is the iconic flip this dish is associated with! Check out this recipe for one way on how to make the Maqloubeh. (Photo: NY Times)


This appetizing food is both bite-sized and lightweight! It is essentially a meat-stuffed dumpling that can either be cooked to be soft or crispy. There are different variations one could try for this dish such as the Iraqi Kubba Haleb or Syrian/Lebanese Kibbeh. Click here for an authentic Iraqi recipe by Gimme Delicious food blog!


The national dish of Egypt won’t disappoint! It is a vegetarian rice dish that features lentils, macaroni, caramelized onions and a tomato sauce. Koshari is an inexpensive yet delicious main dish that will get you full on its unique taste! Check this page for a full recipe!


This crunchy Lebanese salad is a long-time favourite in the Middle East and West alike and we can see why! It typically includes lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and of course the most important ingredient— the fried pieces of pita bread. Drizzle some flavoursome olive oil dressing and you’ve got a mouthwatering appetizer! The Mediterranean Dish food blog has a great recipe you can try. 


A well-known and loved dish in the Middle East and in Iraq specifically, this main course is an Okra stew typically served with rice and lamb.  Whether you love it or not, one thing for sure is how healthy it is! To try an authentic recipe of this, check out this recipe by Hungry Paprikas. 


An Arab food blog post is not complete without mentioning the national dish of Jordan— mansaf! This flavourful and hearty dish is traditionally eaten using one’s right hand and mainly consists of rice, lamb and jameed (dehydrated yogurt). A great choice if you are really hungry or have family/friends over! Click here for a delicious recipe for it. 


This main course goes up against Maqloubeh for the title of national dish of Palestine. It is a very popular meal that contains roasted chicken, spices such as sumac, onions, and fried pine nuts, all served on toasty taboon bread. Here is a recipe that is quite easy to make and will make your mouth water! 

Shish Barak

This saucy dish is sometimes considered to be the 'ravioli' of the Middle East. These flavourful meat-stuffed dumplings are coated in a creamy yogurt sauce that will most definitely satisfy your hunger. It is widely eaten in the Middle East in countries like Lebanon, but some argue its true origin is either Turkish or Persian. For a full recipe, check out this recipe by Fufu's Kitchen.

Stay tuned for an Arab Desserts blog post coming very soon!

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